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John Hewitt is a force not seen since the end of the 70’s. There are bands, artists and songwriters that mimic and imitate but John Hewitt absorbs and reimagines. From folk clubs to house concerts, festivals to halls John is a master of storytelling, arranging, producing and a painter of poems scarcely seen in today’s musical climate. Since his early teens taking in the powerful sounds of the Beatles, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and the Grateful Dead he has been wandering, searching and yielding a crop of new ideas from the old world. A multi-instrumentalist from Sault Ste. Marie Ontario and being Alberta bound since 2018 John’s mark on the Western music scene is impossible to go unnoticed. Performing over 150 shows per year (From Alberta and British Columbia to Montana, Colorado, California and beyond), covering 20,000 miles per annum and releasing upwards of 3 albums in that same timeframe there is no comparison to the work ethic, the attitude and the drive that John has as an artist. Fronting the New Americans and touring solo most of the year his output impresses the young and the old, the folk and the rock, the country and the town and the only thing left at the end of the night is a feeling you won’t get anywhere else.

John Hewitt is a master, a choreographer of sound, a man of many hats all worn with style with a dream bigger than the world around him.

© 2023 John Hewitt Music of Hiawatha Sound

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