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"He's so prolific that even his recent record is no longer a recent record!"
    -Oskar Zybart, CKUA 

"It’s rare for a musician to maintain a prodigious output from year to year, and even rarer to have two releases within a year and have both of them be highly acclaimed, yet that’s exactly what John Hewitt pulled off in 2023. Hewitt’s "Broken Rebels" and "Wonderlust" are among the year’s best releases"
- Chad Huculak, Edmonton Journal

"A very gifted artist"
-Tony King, CKUA

"With artfully crafted songs, masterful musicianship and humbled authenticity, John Hewitt is the full package and the real deal."
- Rhea March, CJSR

Wherever You Are Tonight - Live at the New Moon Folk Club

Shot Down - Live at the Yardbird Suite

"One of the hardest working musicians in Alberta"
- Tom Coxworth, Folk Routes CKUA

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